About Us

Who We are. Why we love what we do.

I grew up in a mobile home. A doublewide in a mobile home park off of Doña Ana County Road. Later in life, I lived in a singlewide. That home was in a park just outside of Tortugas. One was brown, the other was blue. Neither was particularly fancy, but they were both safe, warm and full of family.

They were home.

We had friendly neighbors in those parks, all of whom also lived in mobile homes. I learned how to ride a bike and throw a football out in the street in front of our doublewide. I still smile at the memories of Christmas and of watching dad dangle from a rickety ladder with a staple gun in one hand and strings of half-lit Christmas lights in the other.

You just can’t get that in an apartment. As an adult I lived in plenty of apartments and not one of the landlords would have let me hang christmas lights on their building. They only cared about collecting rent.

I’ve been in the manufactured housing industry since 2007, but I’ve been in mobile homes my entire life. I know first hand how much better life is when you have your own home, instead of renting an apartment from someone else. Its freedom. I also understand how difficult and expensive it can be. But home ownership doesn’t have to be expensive.

That’s why I started Valley Homes. I saw an opportunity to help people in our community break the rent cycle and get into their own homes at realistic prices. I offer quality mobile homes at very affordable prices, but that’s not what sets us apart from all the big corporate dealerships out there.

What makes Valley Homes different is that we care more than our competitors. Our sales staff is fully bi-lingual and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. We know buying a home can be an intimidating process. It’s scary. As the owner of the company, I personally get to know each of our customers, walk each and every one through the process, and answer questions. As many as you have. I am with you every step of the way.

We’re all neighbors here.

Craig R. Bullock

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